Donate because we count on you to help us continue our mission to preserve, educate, and to empower Egypt’s migrants and their descendants. By donating today, you can ensure that Egypt Migrations remains a vibrant forum providing archival preservation services, novel educational resources, and expansive outreach initiatives.

We use Simplyk, the only platform giving us 100% of your donations. This small donation will have immediate impact, allowing our expert team to:
– Outreach & preserve historical records at archives, and pay for servers.
– Educate through exhibitions, workshops, publications, podcasts, and public lectures.
– Empower young professionals through paid internships and volunteer training. 

Every dollar helps. And, if you can, a donation of $100 will help with website & software subscriptions. A $200 donation will offset the costs of transferring boxes of archival records from the homes of Egyptian immigrants to the Clara Thomas Archives in Toronto. A $300 donation will ensure we can hire additional interns to expand the oral history & other exhibits. If you’re able to contribute further, please consider becoming a recurring donor and set aside a small amount each month for our cause. If you cannot give, but still want to support our cause, please share our page with your friends, family members, and coworkers. With more people aware of this fundraiser, we will be a step closer to our goal. To apply for government and foundation grants, we are required to have 50% of our current budget be from community investors. We need $4,000 more by September 10th to reach that goal. Please give to our cause and ensure that your legacy is preserved for future generations eager to learn and to engage their societies.

Egypt Migrations is an important initiative because it creates a communal space for people to speak and to listen, allowing the community to take ownership of our narratives and to accurately represent ourselves. Egypt Migrations works for the community and with the community.

Karen Abdelsaid, former intern

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