Resources on Coptic & Egyptian Queerness

In the wake of Sarah Hegazi’s death on June 14 2020, many Coptic queers and allies reached out asking for resources on Coptic and Egyptian queerness. We compiled the following list as a resource to help us remember and preserve our shared histories…

Graffiti near Mohamed Mahmoud Street, Egypt (Credit Unknown)

A Coptic Call for Solidarity

We must confront the fact of anti-Blackness in North America. Our justified objections to the persistent harassment, discrimination, and overt violence faced by members of our community in Egypt and North America should compel us to condemn the same when it happens to Black people. This is especially our responsibility as we become an integral part of the North American fabric…

George Floyd mural in Minneapolis. Artists are Xena Goldman, Cadex Herrera, and Greta McLain and the photograph is taken by Lorie Schaull.

Researching Modern Coptic History: A Guide to the Archives in the US and Egypt

In an effort to support our colleagues researching Copts across disciplines, we have generated a list of archives in the United States and Egypt that are open to scholars. This general overview in no way claims to be an exhaustive list of archival repositories on modern Coptic history, but rather an introduction to some significant collections…

A series of family portraits of the Wissa Wasef family in their Giza estate ca. 1926-1927 (AUC Special Collections, Ramses Wissa Wasef papers).

Why the Archive Matters: A Podcast

In this episode, archivists and immigration historians discuss the tremendous value of preserving the history and heritage of your communities for future generations. Archival preservation offers many benefits to you, your family, your community, your city, and to our collective understanding of diverse immigrant communities that make up these many places we now call ‘home’…

(Left to Right) Michael Moir, Michael Akladios, Gilberto Fernandes, and Christopher Grafos.

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