Welcome to a special podcast episode with Joseph Youssef (PhD candidate in Anthropology, University of Toronto). Joseph kindly shares his history and his experiences with us, as an Egyptian immigrant to Toronto and an anthropologist of Coptic monasticism in Egypt and its diasporas. His fascinating research sheds light on the pitfalls of mythologizing and romanticizing monks. Rather, as he argues, we must understand their humanity and appreciate how modernization continues to affect their spiritual lives.

We hope you enjoy the conversation and the photographs below:

Syrian Monastery, Wadi Natroun, Egypt (Photo by Michael Akladios, 2017)
Deir el-Surian (Syrian Monastery), Wadi El Natrun Desert, Egypt. (Photo: Michael Akladios, 2017)
St. Bishoy Monastery, Wadi Natroun, Egypt (Photo by Michael Akladios, 2017)
Deir Anba Bishoy (St. Bishoy Monastery), Wadi El Natrun, Egypt. (Photo: Michael Akladios, 2017)
St. Mary and St. Moses Abbey, Corpus Christi, Texas. (Photo: Joseph Youssef, 2017)
Procession at St. Antony's Monastery Yermo, California 2013
Procession at St. Anthony Monastery, Yermo, California. (Photo: Joseph Youssef, 2013)

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