Welcome to a very special Podcast. We promote the history and collective memory of ‘ordinary’ Copts. As such, we are delighted to bring you a frank conversation between five university women about their experiences in Toronto’s Coptic communities.

In this two-part episode, a group of five women who chose to remain anonymous discuss their varied experiences in multicultural Toronto. They tackle how they navigate their gender within the Church; how they negotiate their multiple identities within family, community, and social circles; and, they share their thoughts on how Coptic churches can maintain a relationship with Coptic Canadian youth. At the heart of their stories of adaptation, lay a common inter-generational struggle as immigrants and their children work to strike a balance between two worlds. Rather than the stuffy formalism of a Q&A interview, this conversation brings together the unique perspectives of Canadian born or raised women in the Coptic Church who candidly offer their opinions of life as descendants of Egyptian immigrants.

Thank you for Listening! We invite you to continue on to the second half of their conversation.

Egypt Migrations is always looking for people to contribute to our digital initiatives. Please contact team@egyptmigrations.com if you would like to join or support the organization.

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