Welcome to part 2 of a two-part conversation between Michael Akladios and Lydia Yousief, founder and director of Elmahaba Center in Nashville, TN. In this segment, they continue their discussion of the mission of the organization and tackle the challenges Lydia has faced in supporting Arabic-speaking families in their pursuits of economic stability and cultural revival. In November 2020, Elmahaba was publicly attacked for providing aid to poor and working class migrants at the height of the pandemic. Listen to Lydia’s experiences, broader goals, and triumphs in serving without boundaries. For all those interested in serving their communities, we conclude with helpful advice and tips for working in the nonprofit sector.

This is the second in a series of interviews with artists, academics, activists, and other prominent migrants of Egypt around the world. Next week, we will host our third in the interview series: a conversation with scholar and activist Dr. Amro Ali. Stay tuned!

Egypt Migrations is always looking for people to contribute to our digital initiatives. Please contact team@egyptmigrations.com if you would like to join or support the organization.

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