We at Egypt Migrations are delighted to announce the acquisition of Coptic Voice US, a southern California based non-profit organization. By taking this vibrant initiative under our wing, we continue in efforts to expand and therefore better serve Egypt’s migrant communities globally. This is a welcome step in Egypt Migrations’ ongoing work to preserve and promote immigrant histories, provide vital educational resources, and to empower future generations.

Established in 2017, Coptic Voice acted as a non-profit organization dedicated to building a global Coptic identity through community dialogue, education, and political empowerment. Coptic Voice provided a platform to build this identity through editorial efforts such as an online publication, several podcasts, and a book press. Coptic Voice also included a robust advocacy division, supporting minority and indigenous people as they strive to access and maintain their rights, including that of the freedom of religion or belief.

Since 2016, Egypt Migrations (first The Coptic Canadian History Project) has engaged in fruitful and fulfilling dialogue with the team behind Coptic Voice and we are honoured by their trust in us to sustain and elevate this unique platform. In the coming months, the team at Egypt Migrations will work to align output and engagement under our continued mission to preserve the stories of Egypt’s migrants, create accessible educational resources, and empower our communities. We see Coptic Voice (and all its future incarnations) as an avenue for bringing forth our vision of a vibrant, engaged, and transnational diaspora empowered by democratic access to historical knowledge that is preserved, exhibited, and freely shared. As we look forward to future opportunities in the realm of advocacy, civic engagement, and independent publishing, we hold steadfast to the values which have long animated the expansive initiatives of Egypt Migrations: diversity, inclusion, equity, democratization of knowledge, and investment in engaged and critical leaders and storytellers.

2022 has only just begun and we eagerly anticipate all that is yet to come. Marianne Boules, founder of Coptic Voice, looks forward with this encouraging message:

What started as a little idea that took root in my heart over ten years ago has grown into something I never would have imagined in my dreams to happen; since its inception, Coptic Voice has reached millions of readers all over the world and has been a trusted platform for over 100 writers. However, as with all great things, Coptic Voice has reached its limit with me and my ability to put time into a project. For it to grow, Coptic Voice has found a much better home with Egypt Migrations, which has the time, passion, and commitment that Coptic Voice and its readers deserve. I am excited to participate as a viewer in this new chapter in CV’s life!

Thank you to our communities and partners for their unyielding support and thank you to the Coptic Voice team for their trust in us.

With deepest gratitude and best wishes to you and yours,

Dr. Michael Akladios
Founder & Executive Director
Egypt Migrations

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