Anja Saleh joined us for a conversation about poetry, art, language, and being Egyptian-German. She shared her complicated relationship with languages and moving between Arabic, German, and English. Anja shared personal stories about having to translate from German to Arabic at a young age, learning to respect and practice art since childhood, and her debut poetry collection, Soon, the Future of Memory. She honored us by reading two immensely powerful poems from her collection.

Anja Saleh is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, poet and author of “Soon, The Future Of Memory”, her first full-length poetry collection published in June 2021 with Edition Assemblage in Germany. Educated in political and social sciences, Anja Saleh’s research and art focus on heritage crafts, memory practices, alternative education systems and future studies. Anja lives and works between Cairo, Egypt and Berlin, Germany.

This is the nineteenth installment in a series of interviews with artists, academics, activists, and other migrants of Egypt around the world. Check out previous conversations in the series and stay tuned for our next installment.

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